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Tony Alessandra, Ph.D. - Author of Collaborative Selling and People Smarts. Topics: Customer Driven Service & The Competitive Advantage.
John Alston - Expert on Change and Customer Service. Topics include: Change & Opportunities in the 21st Century, Customer Care, Making America Work & The Magic is You.
Michael Aun - has owned an Insurance and real estate development firm speaks on Management, Leadership Sales and Change.
James Autry - a former Fortune 500 executive speaks on Love & Profit: The Art of Caring Leadership.
Emory Austin - Leading Communication Expert who gives audiences current, creative, and practical ideas for improving themselves and their business. Topics: Leadership, Sales and Professional Growth.
James Benham - Chairman of the Board of The Benham Group. Since the addition to the Twentieth Century family of The Benham Group, a highly respected fund family specializing in fixed income investments, was finalized in June of '96. 
Sheila Murray Bethal - Expert on Customer Service and author of Making a Difference: 12 Qualities That Make You a Leader.
William Blades - His firm was named Small business of the Year and speaks on Re-Energizing the Organization: Greatness is Achieved by Doing the Basics Really Well. Professional Selling /Marketing: The 200 Little Things That Create Big Successes.
Dr. Ken Blanchard - An expert in Management, and teaches Leadership for the 21st Century.
Bodine Balasco - Communication Expert and Comedy Magician.Topics: Leadership, Service & Creativity.
Susan Bondy - Nationally-Syndicated Financial Columnist. Topics: How To Build Your Financial Game Plan & Today's Economy: Your Goals and Best Investments.
Ty Boyd - “Do your goals include challenges in Change, Communication, Leadership and Customer-focus?” That's what's important.
Judith Briles - Expert on Women Issues & Relationships, Women of the 90's: Leadership, Power and Balance. Author of Gender Traps. Male/Female Communication.
Terry Brock - Terry helps organizations harness the power of computer technology to increase productivity, market and sell more effectively. Information technology is the power of the future.
Bill Brooks - Author on Sales & Sales Management. Topics include: High-Impact Selling and The Principles & Strategies for Sales Success.
Michael Broome - Expert on Human Relations and Personal Motivation. Michael educates and motivates his audiences in Leadership, Human Relations and Lifestyle Management.
Dr. Joyce Brothers - Legendary Author, Psychologist & Columnist. For more than 30 years, Dr. Brothers has been the dean of American psychologists.
Les Brown - One of America's popular motivational speakers. Topics: Live Your Dream, The Power of Change and Take Charge of Your Life.
Bob Burg - Topics: How to Cultivate a Network of Endless Referrals & How To Network Your Everyday Contacts Into Sales.
Jack Canfield - Speaker/co-Author of Chicken Soup for the Souls Series. Topics: Peak Performance and Self Esteem.
Chérie Carter-Scott, Ph.D. - A motivational specialist making the seemingly impossible happen in Leadership, Customer Service, Teamwork, and Managing Negativity.
Jim Cathcart - Topics: Relationship Selling, Customer Service and Rethinking Yourself: Finding Your Path for Growth.
David Chilton - David specializes in teaching financial planning techniques through employer-sponsored seminars. By combining common sense and humor, Dave shows this audience how to good results.
Herb Cohen - Internationally known speaker and negotiator, renowned for presentations in Professional Selling, Marketing in a Global Economy, Leadership for the Millennium and Managing Change.
Stephen Covey - Author of “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.” Teaches Leadership and Managment Skills.
Roger Crawford - Inspirational Author of "Playing from the Heart." Topics: Playing to Win, Sales, Maximizing Individuals & Team Performance.
Roger Dawson - Authority on Business Negotiations; Roger is one of America's top negotiating experts.
John Davis, Ph.D. - Best Practices of Successful Family Companies. Learn management styles and skills for success in a family-owned and operated organizations.
Harry Dent - Economic & Business Trends Forecaster. Topics: The Great Boom Ahead, Growth Markets of the 1990's, & The Corporation of the Future.
Jeff Dewar - talks on customer strategies and 10 specific strategies to put a few miles between customer satisfaction and customer bedazzlement. Topics: Doing More With Less, Quality & Teams for Tomorrow.
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